The Bookwheel Progress Report

3 min readJul 6, 2022


We have a progress update and some quick pictures of our app. We have worked hard this past month and we are just getting started. We are happy to announce that we will be launching on time on August 16th. Anyways, here are a few snippets of our platform.

Student Signup

Our signup guarantees privacy through password encryption and limited personal information requirements. In addition, our page boasts persistent log-in and all of the other features you should expect in 2022.

Home Page

Our home page contains everything a student needs. Students can see how they stack up against their friends on the leaderboard. Students show-off their badges, points, and, in the future, their own profile. In addition, students can log their reading progress, see their stats, look at the featured book, and more on the right bar.

More Books

Students can search for any book with our search feature. While browsing through books, students can add any books they want to read to their library, read the description and learn more about the book, or take a quiz to earn points.

Student Quiz

Quizzes will be used to test student knowledge to ensure books were read. We already have 100 quizzes and we will have at least 500 before launch. We have additionally added a way for teachers to create their own quizzes while we continue to grow our library.

Student Badges

Students will earn badges as they read and interact with the Bookwheel platform more. Currently, there are twenty badges available for students to earn. In the near future, profiles will be added and become customizable in the wardrobe tab.

Student Avatars

Teacher Class Manager

What’s next?

Currently, we are working on creating more badges and quizzes, and improving our landing page. Thank you for taking a look at our progress, and we hope to see you at our beta launch on August 16th!